Motocross 338 is the worlds fastest sandbox!

The summer of 1972 Morocross 338 held the first motocross race in Southwick. The race was located off route 10 + 202 in Southwick. The collaboration of the local police and American legionaries raised $3000.00 for the Jimmy Fund. The following year 1973 in July the first Motocross 338 race was held at the American Legion Post 338.    The New England Sports Committee followed with a schedule of events during summer and fall of that year.

The Southwick Motocross 338 track is approx. 1.3 mile in length on 28 acres owned by the American Legion Post 338.

 In 1989 Southwick Moto-X 338 became incorporated.

The first Southwick AMA National Motocross 125cc and 250cc event was held in 1976. Presently Moto-x 338 has held 33 AMA national events.

In 1984 Moto-X 338 started racing 3 and 4 wheelers. The following year Moto-x 338 had their own racing ATV club, which lasted nine years.

The first Grand National ATV championship event was held in 1987. The following next consecutive six years Moto-X 338 held a Grand National ATV Championship events.

Over the years Moto-X 338 has also held Loretta Lynn qualifiers, AHRMA Vintage Nationals, AHRMA Northeastern Motocross series, ACR events and a Cowabunga Classic in 1993.

The following organizations continue to hold racing events at Moto-X 338 ACR, Conn 4X4, NEATVA, NEMA, NEMX, and NESC.

Motocross 338 has been known for local New England heroes it produces, Doug Henry, and John Dowd were both fixtures on the Motocross 338 podium throughout their careers.

Throughout the years Motocross 338 track has become a favorite of some of American motocross racing’s toughtest competitiors.  Bob Hannah, Jeff Stanton, and Rickey Carmichael all counted the Motocross 338 amoung their favorite tracks, with Jeff Stanton winning  four times in a row at Southwick between 1989 and 1992 and Ricky Carmichael winning nine consecutive races beginning in 1999. 

2006 Was the first year the track was raced in the reversed direction for the AMA National and local racing.  

Moto-X 338 continues to embrace motocross racing at its best.


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